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Did we mention The design is completely open source and user modifiable!

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Cricothyrotomy Unlimited Trainer / C.U.T.
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The C.U.T. was born with these simple goals in mind!

  1. AFFORDABLE  (Low Cost to purchase, even lower cost for repetitive trainings)

  2. EFFECTIVE (Anatomical representation of airway, realistic landmarks ect.)

  3. DURABLE (under intended use and care, should last for 100's of trainings, if not more)

  4. SIMPLE (A piece of 3d printed plastic, as simple as you can get!)

  5. OPEN SOURCE DESIGN (print your own, or modify the design to your needs!)

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Healing Hearts Vietnam is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance to make life-saving cardiac surgeries available for needy Vietnamese families...

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