Our Story

We are two brothers with creative entrepreneurial mind sets, Both having a background in Aviation, where the sky is the limit! 


So naturally ... when we came across a problem from a very intelligent individual, we were all ears. The problem was how to keep Cricothyrotomy trainings low cost but still effective.


The idea originated from a nursing education specialist who was in charge of training 50 nurses and medics.  The Cricothyrotomy procedure was one of the skills required to learn.  Cric trainers can range from $200 to over $1000.  Not only that, but there are expensive replacement skins and essential items needed to make the trainers work. 

Hospitals or medical facilities who need to keep their staff proficient, can easily go through 100's of expensive replacement skins which ultimately drives costs way up!  


Most people in the profession have seen the alternative. The ingenious homemade Cric trainers, cobbled together out of ventilator tubing, tape, and other items that one could find on the shelf. 


No doubt these homemade Cric Trainers have served their purpose.  But if your looking for the best solution that is extremely effective and still affordable, then you have come to the right place.

The C.U.T. was born with these simple goals in mind!

  1. AFFORDABLE  (Low Cost to purchase, even lower cost for repetitive trainings)

  2. EFFECTIVE (Anatomical representation of airway, realistic landmarks ect.)

  3. DURABLE (under intended use and care, should last for 100's of trainings, if not more)

  4. SIMPLE (A piece of 3d printed plastic, as simple as you can get!)

  5. OPEN SOURCE DESIGN (print your own, or modify the design to your needs!)